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Religious false prophets rush to defend SOTUS

On Wednesday, an unusual gaggle of  “leaders across the ideological spectrum”  released an open letter type statement rebuking anyone who questions the so-called “faith” of the Saviour of the United States (SOTUS). The Democratic party aligned media agency hired by…

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A beauty from California

Several readers had asked me about the set-up of Miss California on the Miss America Pageant the other night. Its a full fledged controversy thanks to the gay-focused blogs (I got that phrase from a journalist) who are predictably outraged….

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POTUS bows to muslim monarch

Putting the US in an unsightly position? This is President Obama at the G20 Summit bowing to Saudi King Abdullah. Since when does the POTUS bow to a foreign leader??? Doesn’t he know that if you are not a subject…

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A tragic and ironic end

“It was like a scene out of the 1980’s movie, “Airplane.” I was accosted by Jesus freaks at the Port Authority Bus terminal in New York City. Listen, I was raised in a religious family. Born Catholic, but my parents…

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