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POTUS bows to muslim monarch

Putting the US in an unsightly position? This is President Obama at the G20 Summit bowing to Saudi King Abdullah. Since when does the POTUS bow to a foreign leader??? Doesn’t he know that if you are not a subject…

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A tragic and ironic end

“It was like a scene out of the 1980’s movie, “Airplane.” I was accosted by Jesus freaks at the Port Authority Bus terminal in New York City. Listen, I was raised in a religious family. Born Catholic, but my parents…

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Obama must be reading this blog

Last week, we wrote America may well be approaching  a day of reckoning with God. Due to America’s compounded sins and rejection of God as a sovereign protector of this nation. That includes the church’s obvious embrace of a false messiah. Perhaps Barack…

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Sad news out of Dallas

Breaking News You may be aware by now that the son of Bishop TD Jakes was arrested by Dallas police for indecent exposure. This is sad news for any family. We ask that you pray for this young man that…