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Yahoo gay ministers group founded by COGIC Elder

The blaquebigayministers group on Yahoo boasts 787 members and has been in existence since July 2000. The group was formed primarily according to its homepage statement,  especially for “black Christian ministers and friends who are family  and  need support and encouragement and a place of refuge.”  The term “family”…

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Briefly watching: Jakes, Pearson and Blake

Several current reports pertaining to issues GCM Watch has covered before are worth noting briefly. Although unconfirmed by Church of God in Christ (COGIC) officials, word is out that TD Jakes will be preaching at the organization’s 101st convocation in Memphis. Several sources…

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California Pastors: silence and rebellion in the golden state

Pastors of some Methodist churches in California are jumping on the gay marriage bandwagon while defying not only their denomination’s ban on performing homosexual marriages, but trampling scripture in the process. The gay marriage industry and the potential dollars it…

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GCM Watch seeks former members of gay churches

Gay Christian Movement Watch is seeking first hand accounts and personal narratives of several categories of individuals who have had personal experience with gay churches and organizations. First, GCM Watch is seeking testimonials of former members of gay churches namely:…