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Yahoo gay ministers group founded by COGIC Elder

The blaquebigayministers group on Yahoo boasts 787 members and has been in existence since July 2000. The group was formed primarily according to its homepage statement,  especially for “black Christian ministers and friends who are family  and  need support and encouragement and a place of refuge.”  The term “family”…

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Newsweek covers Kirbyjon Caldwell 'exgay' issue

Out this week is the full length Newsweek article by senior religion editor Lisa Miller profiling Houston’s Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell. Calling him “Obama’s Other Pastor”, Miller cited my vocal opposition  to Caldwell’s rather unscrupulous act of removing Metanoia ministry from his church website after gay activists supporting Obama…

TD Jakes becomes a conduit for false homosexual theology

[youtube=] **Addendum below** Its a sad and tragic thing that someone who has been proclaimed by the liberal media as the next Billy Graham is actually a false prophet with homosexual issues. The sad part is that deliverance is available…